7 Bad Training Habits

Monday, February 13th 2017. | Weight Loss

Bad Training Habits

You do not get the results you want? It may be that you do one of the following. But dont worry, we provide tips on how to get rid of your bad training habits.

1. You just do what you’re good at
Sure, it’s fun to practice what you are good at – but it can lead to poor training results. Just because you have stronger bones than breast, you should not do more squats than the bench press, on the contrary, it’s your weak chest muscles, you should focus. But we think of course that exercise should be fun, so how do you make it fun to practice what you are good at?

One tip is to set milestones for this particular exercise, and reward yourself when you reach them – for example in the form of something good to eat or a new workout clothes. Eventually, you may be as good at it, and the problem is blown away!

2. You do the same thing every time
You have your exercise routine that you are comfortable with – but to do the same thing every time will sabotage your results. Whether it’s about strength training or cardiovascular exercise, it is important that you always continue to develop yourself and challenge your body.

Try to vary the weights at the gym or the intensity of the intervals, increasing by one kilogram or kilometers every week and try new exercises or of training to get better results.

3. You are a periodare
Are you such a providing training shortly after the New Year, working out every day for a few weeks, a total tire and did not touch a weight until after the summer, when you repeat everything again? You are not alone – there is a common mistake that sabotages results for many. And it is not strange, often we are tagged in early and want to reach our goals as quickly as possible.

However, it is better to start gently, especially if you are one that easily gets tired. Start exercising three times a week and gradually increase the frequency, maybe you can add a little yoga or any other exercise calmer if you really do get exercise abstinence between sessions?

4. You train too hard
The old expression “no pain – no gain” or “Go hard or go home” is not true. Going to the gym and work out every muscle in the body until they are exhausted, to the day after getting a terrible sore that lasts a whole week, are rarely worth it. Then it is probably better to take it a bit easier so you can train more, research shows, after all, that you should train your muscles at least twice a week for best results.

5. You do not take in enough
But then there is the other group, who love to exercise frequently but rarely leave the comfort zone – something that usually does not lead to some of great results. You do not always work out at your maximum capacity, but try a few times a week to take in properly.

After a while you get used to the feeling of not being able to make an extra rehearsal or run a range of – and then you will begin to love it (or at least the feeling after).

6. You do not eat your goals
Do you want to build muscle? Then there is perhaps the salad that completely lack a protein source is not the optimal lunch. Is the plan instead to lose weight? Then it may be a good idea to throw the bag with gainer. To build muscle, it is important, for example with a high protein intake while to lose weight is crucial to a calorie deficit.

It is therefore important that you keep track of your goals and are aware of how you should eat to achieve it – otherwise, it does not matter how hard you train or how far you run.

7. You sit quietly after training
Sure, you do not need to take the stairs after a hard böjpass but to abstain from daily exercise for the benefit of the training is a bad idea. Everyday exercise is an extremely important part of your overall health, and research shows that aerobics routine can not compensate for a sedentary lifestyle.

So although we of course think that you should train hard so it is important that you do not forget to move up the hours you’re not in the gym (we give you, however, an exemption for the days when you have extreme soreness – then it is okay to take the elevator).

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