7 Causes of Chest Pain

Monday, February 27th 2017. | Disease

Many women relate chest pain to the breast, making them anxious. Nonetheless, most cases of chest pain unrelated to the disease. So it’s good to know the other causes that can lead to breast pain.

Most women have breast pain many times in life because it is a common symptom of hormonal changes during menstruation and pregnancy. Inflammation and sensitivity in the breasts or during menstruation are very common problems that are not related to anything serious and that simply may be due to hormonal changes.

If you do not find differences when you check your breasts, but often get hurt, and it is possible that other benign diseases affecting them. Below we will tell you about the most common causes of chest pain.

chest pain

In general, usually teenagers who begin their menstrual cycle feel some pain in the breasts. PMS may also cause pain before menstruation.

Many women suffer from chest pains during their childbearing years, and more often then halfway through the menstrual cycle, during ovulation and the days before menstruation. These two cycle phases coincides with a more sudden changes in women’s hormone levels.

In addition, use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy lead to this problem.


A woman usually experience more sensitivity about pregnancy at a young age or during their first pregnancy. In general, they experience pain during their first trimester when their breasts grow in size and blue veins become visible, which means that the blood flow increases.


When a woman just had a baby, she usually experience chest pains, regardless of whether she chooses to breastfeed or not. This is because the increase in milk. But you should pay special attention if the pain is frequent, intense, or is not relieved because it could indicate possible mastitis.

Cysts in the breast

Breast cysts are a type of bags filled with fluid that form inside the breast. These are formed when normal mammary glands increase in size and they can be one or more in number. These cysts usually benign and is characterized in that the pain in the breast. When they are large, you know them by tapping on them, but some require a mammogram or a sonogram to be discovered.

Abscesses in breasts

Breast abscesses are collections of each of the breast tissue. Basically, it is an infection. This problem can produce chest pain and may feel as soft bulges. They are generally caused by bacteria which enter through cracks in the breast nipple or nursing. Regardless of its cause, it is best to consult a doctor so that he can make the necessary inquiries and provide proper treatment.