7 Frequently Technology Fails at The Gym

Sunday, February 12th 2017. | Weight Loss

Weight training makes you strong and healthy but by avoiding these seven mistakes, your training become safer and more efficient.

weight training

1. You are using heavy weights
Are you training with heavy weights, it is impossible to use the proper technique. So even though it may not as cool, it is better to remove some of the weights to perform the exercise with good technique. It makes training safer and more efficient because you can really activate the right muscles.

2. You are using light weights
But do not take away too many of the weights you have on the bar, for even a too light load can cause poor technique. If you train with feather light weights, you can perform the exercise anyway and still get up bar and dumbbells, which often leads to careless technique.

3. You do not span trunk
A tense core muscles are the foundation of all basic exercises, so before you make a lift, it is important that you first think about how your posture looks like and if your abs are ready. Otherwise the risk is that you lose control so that the upper body leaning forward.

4. You have the track back
A technique miss above all is common in the dead lift, where you think about keeping the back straight when the weights get heavier. A banana-shaped spine can cause damage, so be sure to always keep it in a neutral position. If you are not sure how your back looks like the heavy lifting, try filming.

5. Exaggerate your Back
Most people aware of the point above but to do the opposite is also not healthy for your back. The arch for example, military press and squats, also charged back unnecessarily so remember to always have a natural bend in the back and do not exaggerate in any direction.

6. Curved Knee
In both the deadlift and the squat common problem that the knees drawn toward each other when the weights get heavy. It can have negative consequences on your knees, so remember to actively push them out the next time. Try placing a rubber band around the knees next time to think more on squeezing them out.

7. Too Fast
Faster is not better when it comes to weight training. You may want to get your set of completed quickly, but to do the rehearsals too quickly often means that you do not have time to think about technology and using the right muscles. So take it easy and do rather fewer sets.

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