9 Health Tricks for Slackers

Wednesday, February 15th 2017. | Weight Loss

Are you a true slacker? It’s okay, we’re also sometimes – here are the tricks that make your (lazy) life healthier!


  1. Use caffeine

It’s not always very attractive to get to training after a long day at work or school – especially not for those who are lazy. Caffeine is the perfect solution because research shows that it is not only refreshing, but also makes the workout feel less strenuous. As with a coffee or caffeine pills may even be a fairly lazy peppad.

  1. Have your gym bag packed

To pack a training bag may seem like a simple thing, but to look for a pure sports bra, find training shoes that the dog has hidden or headphones that always disappear can feel surprisingly hard when it’s time to get to training. But by having a pre-packaged case you make the process easier, which reduces the risk that you change your mind and throw you on the couch again.

  1. Use semi-Cooking

Home cooking from scratch is always the best, but if you are short on time to the semi-cooking can be a good option – even though it’s got such a bad reputation. Ready-roasted root vegetables, frozen vegetable steaks or a finished sauce can make it much easier and faster to cook, and probably increases the chance that you are actually setting yourself and cook instead of buying with you a hamburger or a pizza after work.

  1. Work out at home

Some simple exercise can be well worth the investment for those who are lazy. A kettlebell is, for example, inexpensive and takes hardly any space, but can be used to train both fitness and strength. So when you just want to stay at home in the heat and watch your favorite show instead of taking you to the gym so you can actually do it – while getting your workout done.

  1. Slept More

If there is something slackers are good at it is to sleep – and fortunately it is really healthy! As you could read here there are lots of health benefits with a lot of sleep, among other things, it helps you keep the weight and reduce the risk of getting sick. So now you can devote yourself to your favorite activity without feeling guilty!

  1. Get a Workout Buddy

Combine business with pleasure by starting to train with a friend. First, his friend can help you to keep going with your exercise – which will be needed if you’re a real slacker – and secondly, training will be more fun, which increases the chance that you will actually get it done.

  1. Hide The Alarm Clock Under The Couch

We just wrote that it is good to have a lot of sleep, but for many people, morning is the only time to exercise. If you find hard to take you up in the morning for workouts there is a good trick, try to hide alarm clock under sofa or table. You’ll need to get down on to reach it.

  1. Find favourite Exercise

Not even fitness enthusiast thinks it’s fun to get workout every time – but for those who are lazy it is super important that you find an exercise you like most. It need not be the optimal form of exercise that gets you in top form in a short time, the most important thing is that it’s something that you like and that you’re willing to do regularly.

  1. Everyday Exercise

Everyday Exercise is perhaps a trite word, and you are a true slacker probably think it feels extra hassle to take the stairs instead of the elevator – but to do so, after all, hardly any time, and can make a huge amount differences for your health. Or why not leave your office chair every hour to do some squats and push-ups? It will not only improve your health but also your performance on the job – worth a try then!