A Fantastic New Treatment for Bad Cholesterol

Thursday, February 16th 2017. | Hypertension

This new drug may be the perfect choice for people with high cholesterol and cells that do not respond to conventional treatments. In addition to reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), the reverse atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol is along with triglycerides two of the key factors for your cardiovascular health. Keeping them at good levels can help you avoid many of the problems you probably already know.

Most of us are aware that the word “cholesterol” is almost always associated with something negative. But do not forget that this natural fat substance is also important for your body to function.

Cholesterol Treatment

The key is to keep the balance and maintain proper levels of so-called good and bad cholesterol, so they do not accumulate in the arteries.

You probably know that your genetic background may determine the presence of cholesterol, but resistance to certain therapeutics developed to lower your cholesterol levels also play a role.

Even if you take these medicines, your lipoproteins remain attached to the artery walls of dangerously high quantities. But there is a new treatment that can eliminate this risk.

There is a ray of hope, and today we want to tell you about it.

Evolocumab – a new and more effective treatment against bad cholesterol
In 2014 came a new pharmaceutical treatment on the market to lower cholesterol for those who have not shown any improvement in traditional medicines, and the name was “evolocumab”.

From that moment on detailed studies done to determine if the treatment was able to achieve the expected goals. The results showed that yes, the drug is effective. It not only reduces bad cholesterol, but also reverses atherosclerosis.

Last year published the American College of Cardiology their study in which they analyzed the results achieved so far with the new drug evolocumab.

The goal of treatment was to make a therapeutic intervention in people who were at high risk of cardiovascular disease and who did not respond to traditional medications.
The study results were very positive. Evolocumab fell safe and efficient patient’s levels of bad cholesterol, LDL.

After 24 weeks of treatment, the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries of patients is minimal, so their risk of cardiovascular problems had been substantially reduced.
It is already an important treatment tool for people with genetic background associated with high cholesterol, who are already suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease or who are unable to reduce their cholesterol levels with traditional drugs such as statins.

To effectively lower cholesterol in patients who are resistant to conventional drugs, it is important to combine treatments.

The new drug will still receive printed along with statins.
It is available in a number of countries around the world and has shown excellent results.

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