A New Method for Treating Arthritis

Wednesday, March 1st 2017. | Disease

Inflammation of the legs is often attributed to old age. Despite this, the arthritis can appear at any time.

Because of it can be symptoms such as chronic pain or deformation of the skeletal structure affect you from the moment arthritis affects you, even if you are only 20 years old.

As a consequence, it is not just a problem for older people, but people of all ages.

When you suffer from arthritis, it can be difficult to lead a normal life, then chronic pain is hard to bear.

In the case of an emergency, there are also those that develop complex cases of anxiety and depression. It happens because in addition to the physical consequences of arthritis also poorly understood disease.

common type of Arthritis

Because of it turns affected inwards and suffer from a sense of loneliness that brings deep sorrow.

The emotional state also becomes worse because they know that no cure exists.

Although we have not yet found a definitive solution, scientists have recently discovered a new way to treat arthritis. The method reduces inflammation and increases the quality of life for those who have to live with the condition every day.

The study was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

University of Queen Mary shows new method to treat arthritis
The usual protocol when the disease is detected is to prescribe medicines. While doctors recommend that you supplement with alternative therapies.

The most popular is meditation, application of cold and heat, acupuncture and massage. All of these can help to reduce the pain, but in rare cases the pain disappears completely.

The research team from the University of London has taken a big step forward with this new method for treating arthritis.

Until the presentation of the study, it was impossible to reach the cartilage where the problem is. This research group has made the path easier.

They got there thanks to “exosomes” moving through the cells until they reach the cartilage. Exosomes vesicles are fantastic – very small subcellular structures.

These are part of cell membranes and containing fluid. The amazing thing is that they are usually found in the leukocytes that accumulate in the inflamed joints of people diagnosed with arthritis.

The white blood cells thus entails the above-mentioned structures and their more than 300 proteins into the cartilage to protect it.

The new method can still be improved
The new treatment was tested on rats with great success. After the confirmed team in London to the possibilities opened up by the new treatment are many.

The next step is to include other ingredients in exosomerna, such as omega 3, to enrich the treatment.

According to Stephen Simpson, director of Arthritis Research UK, and co-author of the study, will lead to the discovery that we can design effective treatments we have never seen before, and that will make a big difference.

Another thing worth mentioning is the application It simplicity. Patients need hardly spend a day in the hospital to undergo transfusion.

After that they may return to their homes and continue with their lives without any obstacles. The material introduced, especially rehabilitate his legs.

Researchers are trying to come up with a strategy that in addition to putting an end to the constant pain also focuses on repairing the legs.

Therefore, we are facing a revolutionary innovation that will design the forerunner of a new healing solution.

To achieve this, we must deal with an important issue: the researchers still lack clinical trials with humans. They hope that the results will be as positive as in lab rats.

If they reach their expectations, we will come closer to get rid of a disease that millions suffer and that complicates their lives.

The study shows the benefits of ingenuity and innovation in medicine.

The findings will not only benefit those who are sick, but in the long run also mean savings in welfare. It does, after all, it will be much easier to attack and eradicate ailments.