Cause of Heart Disease and How to Prevent

Sunday, June 5th 2016. | Stroke

Heart disease is a disease that is very dangerous and deadly this disease is cause of death in adults in the United States heart disease is not independent of a lifestyle that is less healthy, factors trigger heart attacks is smoking, consuming food cholesterol high, lack of movement, lazy to exercise, stress and lack of rest.

The heart is a muscular organ in the form of a hollow cone-shaped and with a base above and below the peak in heart function as pumping blood throughout the body, the heart is one organ that plays an important role in blood circulation in body. system diseases heart is a condition that causes the heart can not do their job properly.

Causes of Heart Disease

A weak heart muscle usually a weak heart muscle are abnormality inborn weak heart muscle makes people unable to perform excessive activity because the imposition of excessive cardiac performance will cause pain in the chest are usually people with weak heart muscle is easy once fainted.

The gap between the right and left atrium due to incomplete formation of a separate layer between the second platform, it can cause the blood clean and dirty blood mixed. Patients with this disease also can not do heavy activity because it can lead to the face and lips turned blue and shortness of breath.

Heart disease can be fatal article can lead to heart attacks where these conditions led to heart was not function this condition usually occurs suddenly and is often referred to as heart failure resulting in death, the cause of heart failure vary but usually the main cause is the inhibition of supply blood to the heart muscle because blood vessels usually drain blood to the heart muscle or hardened could be due to fat, cholesterol, chemicals and nicotine. kind kinds of heart disease by medical science is:

Atherosclerosis is caused by a thickening of the arterial wall is due to fat, cholesterol and other cell discharge so that the blood supply to the muscle cells undergo inhibition. disease is often referred to as coronary disease or ischemic heart disease, the disease starts from the lesion and vessel cracks vessels blood especially since there is strong pressure on the heart vessels, the early symptoms of this disease is angina pectoris which causes pain in the heart and chest area due to reduced blood supply to the heart.

Acute Myocardial Infarction

Is the death of heart muscle caused by a blockage in the coronary arteries.

Abnormalities of Heart Valves

Heart valve abnormalities will interrupt the flow of blood to the body such as downsizing, leakage or imperfect heart valve heart valve abnormalities usually is innate or can also be due to the side effects of many medications.


This disease is due to damage or disruption to the heart muscle so that the walls of the heart does not move perfectly.


Arritmatia means abnormal heart rhythm disturbance caused by stimulation of heart heavy or light.

Rheumatic Heart Disease

Is a heart disease which is caused by damage to the heart valves caused by rheumatic fever bacterium steptokokus is one cause.

Heart inflammation

This disease occurs in the wall of the heart membrane that surrounds the heart and the inside of the heart, this is caused by toxins and infections.

Efforts to tackle early as possible is very good at doing the article can prevent things that are not desirable, according to one study in the American journal of epidemiology that the risk of heart disease and sudden death can be prevented about 40% by consuming 8 glasses of water every white day. Air very well taken as it functions in the process of digestion, circulation, excrete metabolic waste, saliva production and maintain body temperature and lymph system to fight infections that can disrupt thyroid health of your body.

Benefits of water to prevent heart was drunk when water will be absorbed into the blood stream it can decrease the thickness of the blood vessels, so the risk of heart attack triggered by a blood clot was reduced .In addition to water can help prevent heart disease water is also a factor major in physical health, therefore, make it a habit to drink 8 glasses of water a day followed by a healthy lifestyle so that you can be free of any disease.