Do not take medicine together with soymilk

Friday, March 13th 2015. | Medicine

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Soy products-bean milk has certain dietary and health care value because it is wealthy in protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc along with other vitamins and minerals that are useful in preventing high cholesterol levels, high bloodstream pressure, arteriosclerosis, an iron deficiency anemia, bronchial asthma. But when it’s taken with drugs simultaneously, it not just affects the absorption of nutrition, but additionally modify the aftereffect of the medication.

Some drugs can destroy the nutrition within the soybean milk, for example tetracycline (mino, doxycycline), erythromycin (clarithromycin, azithromycin and erythromycin) along with other anti-biotics.

Soy products-bean milk might also modify the absorption of medication. The calcium content of soy products-bean milk is high, once it responds with certain elements within the drug (for example aluminum, iron, calcium formulations) and convey precipitation, there might appear gemstones inside a long-term. The protein in soybeans will hinder the body to soak up iron. For those who have iron-enriching meals or drugs, for example ferrous sulfate dental solution and also have soymilk simultaneously,the iron absorption will considerably decline. Soy products-bean milk consists of acidic substances, if they’re taken along with acidic drugs for example aspirin, ascorbic acid along with other drugs, they’ll stimulate the secretion of stomach acidity, leading to an upsetting stomach. If it’s taken with alkaline drugs for example calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium trisilicate etc, it might reduce the potency of these drugs.

It’s also unfavorable to consider soy products-bean milk along with some Traditional chinese medicine. Soy products-bean milk brings coldness to your body. If it’s taken using the Chinese traditional medicinal practises which id exactly the same effect, for example cold qualities of rhizoma coptidis, radix scutellariae, fructus gardeniae, etc, it may damage your health If it’s taken using the chinese medicine which brings you warmth, for example cinnamon, ginger root along with other warm food, soy products-bean milk can help to eliminate the curative effect. Advice once you drink soy products-bean milk, it is best to hold back for half an hour prior to taking medicine, in order to avoid affecting the absorption of soybean milk and also the drug. If you are planning to consider anti-biotics, the interval ought to be more than one hour. 2 Day Diet Slimming

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