Extend the Life of 10 Years!

Friday, February 17th 2017. | Anti Aging

Did you know that genes only control about 10 percent of how old we are? The rest – that is, 90 per cent – is about lifestyle! Bertil Marklund is a physician and researcher at the University of Gothenburg and has followed with great interest the recent years new research findings about health. It was the discovery that one can live ten healthy years longer that prompted him to write the book “10 Tips – Feel better and live ten years longer,” where he will share current and important research findings on how you can do to prolong your life with ten extra years and in addition keep you healthy and strong.

With a background as a researcher at the University of Gothenburg and 20 years of practical experience as a district doctor, he has a good perspective on the whole.

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In the care I have met many with constant infections, coughs and colds, which actually can withstand a stronger immune system. As for the major diseases like heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and dementia, they are all diseases linked to lifestyle and where one can delay or stop the onset, says Bertil Marklund.

The book appears modest in comparison with the many colorful and lavish lifestyle books. But for those who simply want to get started on a healthier lifestyle, it is a little book with lots of tips on how to strengthen their own inherent powers and they are easy to follow.

I want to awaken the desire for a healthier lifestyle, to live a healthy life should not be painful. I thought that all new research that shows that you can live ten healthy years longer need the more people want to take part, says Bertil Marklund.

The recent research findings show that all people are carrying on an internal inflammation in the body and it determines how you feel and how long you live. The extent of constituting the real threat to our health.

The inflammation occurs when the body attacks the cells. The body is able to protect itself from a small amount of free radicals but by an unhealthy lifestyle formed a large amount of free radicals, which do great harm.

In the end, slowing the immune system and do not take care of infections and other diseases.

Signs of inflammation in the body can be to suffer from multiple and repeated infections per year. In middle age, the diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

But it’s never too late to change lifestyle. It does not matter if you’ve been a couch potato or cancer or rheumatism. From day one, you can reduce the inflammation and control to better health, says Bertil Marklund.