Homemade Remedies to Eliminate Bad Breath

Monday, May 30th 2016. | Beauty

The problem of bad breath is a serious problem for some people who are very sharp scent of his mouth and nose piercing the surrounding ones. People who are fasting is usually mouth usually smells bad, but it is perfectly natural. Another case when the mouth occur permanently will certainly have an impact or a negative image.

Bad breath that prolonged exposure may result in a person if not confident, and could be a sign of diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, liver and digestive disorders, and so forth. Besides, bad breath can also be caused from their holes in the teeth, food debris in the mouth, plaque and so on.

Signs of bad breath is usually caused by a disruption acid balance viscous mouth like saliva, dry mouth discomfort and talk. In addition, the interlocutors looked nervous and took the distance. It could also complain on a bad smell that wafted out of our mouths.

Eliminate Bad Breath


One tablespoon coriander boiled with water, filtered and then drink the water.

Betel leaf

Prepare a betel leaf, rhizome taste, boiled with water and then the water is filtered and drunk. Do this on a regular basis.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves not only treat diarrhea, but chew guava leaves can also treat bad breath odor naturally whiten teeth at the same time, chewing cilantro or mint leaves, also can help eliminate foul mouth odor.

Food Containing Vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C can help eliminate bad breath because it can prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth causes bad odor. Eating foods containing vitamin C may also reduce the risk of gum problems.

Fruits rich in vitamin C such as strawberry, cherry, and orange proven to treat halitosis naturally. Besides apples and carrots can also eliminate odor in the mouth.


Eating a low-fat yogurt and no sugar content. According to scientists, yogurt contains bacteria that suppress the growth of sulfate in the mouth. Sulfate is one of the causes one unpleasant mouth odor. Besides yogurt also can kill the bad bacteria in the mouth.

Yogurt with sugar content, it will not help remove the smell of bad breath, but it triggers the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth you.

Always Wet Mouth

A dry mouth will trigger the development of bacteria in the mouth. So to get rid of bad breath naturally we can take by ensuring the mouth is always wet. If you can not continue to drink, at least you always provide gum. By chewing gum, mouth to produce saliva to keep the mouth moist, and the bacteria that cause bad breath disappear.

Clean Teeth After Eating

In addition to brushing, you issued leftovers in the mouth after eating. This is to reduce tooth decay and remove the rest of the foods that cause bad breath. Use toothpicks to remove food. Another way to remove food is by gargling.

Those are some tips and also how to eliminate bad breath naturally, you can try and you practice to eliminate the lack of confidence to you when you talk to other people. Easy tips, and how to eliminate bad breath could be useful.