Homemade Remedies to Tackle Dry Hair

Friday, June 3rd 2016. | Beauty

Hair is the crown for everyone. Hair healthy and beautiful course will support our appearance. So do not be surprised if a lot of people, especially women, always wanted a beautiful and healthy hair is perfect so it would make more confident. Not a few people who are willing to spend a lot of cost to buy hair care products in order to get the hair they want.

Especially for those of you who have long hair, one of the main problems frequently encountered is the appearance of dry hair. This problem can actually be solved in a manner that is easy if done with painstaking and sustainable. Here are some tips and ways to overcome the hair dry naturally that you can practice at home so you do not have to spend much money to take care of your hair.

Overcoming Dry Hair


Avocados are one type of fruit is very rich benefits, including to overcome dry hair. The trick is to soften the flesh of an avocado to form a paste, then apply to the entire section of hair from the start scalp to tip of hair. After that, leave on hair for 20 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.


Lemon also can use to cope with dry hair. The trick is to mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey (or multiples thereof with the same ratio). After two material was mixed, apply to all parts of the hair from the hair root to tip. Then cover the hair with a towel and let it warm up for about an hour, then rinse hair with clean water.

Do not Wear Hair Shampoo Too Often

You also can do to cope with dry hair is not shampooed using hair shampoo too often. Shampoo hair too often will make the natural oils in the hair moisture is reduced so that the hair will be reduced and become the main cause of the dry hair. It is recommended to use a shampoo wash two or three days so that the hair does not dry.

Rubbing the hair with Soft

Dry hair will also other hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, or branched. Therefore, you should be careful in dealing with the hair to prevent rapid deterioration. The trick is to wash carefully. It is advisable to rub the hair gently and do not pull or stretch the hair by using a tumble. Not advisable also to rub the scalp with your finger nails because it can break the hair and also make the scalp becomes irritated. To care for your hair and scalp, you can do this by gently massaging your head with a fingertip. Avoid brushing hair when the hair is still wet and select a soft comb.

Using Conditioner

One way to overcome hair naturally. Find a conditioner that does not contain alcohol because alcohol can make your hair becomes drier. You can also use body lotion by means of rub after the wash before going to bed. After that you can close the head with a shower cap during sleep and in the morning rinse thoroughly.


Eggs can also be an option to cope with dry hair, how to mix an egg with half a cup of warm water. After that, stir well and apply to your hair evenly. After that you can rinse with warm water until clean. Besides can make your hair more clean and free from dry hair, the eggs can also make your hair more shiny.

Avoid Heat

Avoid heat, especially using hot rollers or a hot comb will make your hair becomes dry. It is therefore recommended not to use these tools. If use a blow dryer to dry your hair, then you can set the hair dryer to heat the smallest and never pull or stretch your hair when the hair is being exposed to the heat because it will make your hair drier.