How Can You Stop Depression

Friday, August 7th 2015. | Medicine

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What can you do to prevent depression or how to recover faster. If it is an incipient or mild depression are the following tips highly, especially


Vitale people are resilient, they recover more quickly after an injury, but also from depression. A vital (vital) life is important to prevent

Tip 1: Regularity

If you are prone to depression, regular life is important. This means getting up on time and go to bed. Eat regularly, for example, 3 times perday. Do not lie in bed all day, but you put there to hold you. Regularity

Tip 2: Keep working

Often stop working immediately. Advice given Completely stop, however, to break your regularity. It is better to continue with if it is possible If only two half days or a few hours a week, your work involved. So keep all involved in your work if you are depressed you often feel useless breaks this spiral.

Tip 3: Eat healthy

Healthy eating is better for everyone and therefore for the depressed person. Eat a much and varied of the countryside. (meat, fish, poultry,vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, egg, water).

Tip 4: Talk about it.

Bottling up your feelings are not good. Talk about it with your surroundings, your family, colleagues and friends. Tell us what depression does. to you and what this means for you. Did you find this difficult, find a counselor (coach).

Tip 5: Go do fun stuff.

Go every day to do something like that do you think or thought. Put yourself there, to hear, to go hiking in the woods or working in the garden.

Example, an hour of music.

Tip 6: Move.

Exercise provides distraction and is good for your health. Go every day for at least a half hour walk or cycle in a forest. Sports also often gives a. feeling of satisfaction and you do not own over brooding.

Tip 7: No alcohol and drugs.

The temptation is often great for these stimulants but if you’re depressed, you can avoid them better. Alcohol and drugs numb your feelings,but the symptoms come back stronger. Following the elaboration.

As a final tip should definitely see your doctor, but also consider whether a vitality coach can help you to change your lifestyle to your vitality fitter and more resilient to.

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