If you work with PrEP? (Aids prevention)

Friday, October 7th 2016. | HIV Aids

What’s PrEP?

PrEP means Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and it is a method to assist in preventing Aids in those who are at substantial chance of contracting it if you take medication every day. The pill, which is often used to avoid infection, is known as truvada and consists of a mix of two medications, emtricitabine and tenofovir, frequently accustomed to treat Aids in conjunction with other remedies.


For those who might have been uncovered towards the virus through intravenous drug abuse or unguaranteed sexual encounters, the medications will help avoid the virus from creating a lengthy term infection and finally turning out to be AIDS – no more a dying sentence but nonetheless, a deeply uncomfortable illness.

Individuals with an elevated chance of infection can help to eliminate their likelihood of contracting Aids up to 92% when taking PrEP if it’s taken properly, nevertheless its effectiveness falls off dramatically if the medication is not taken consistently.

For anyone who is using PrEP?

There’s two primary categories of people to whom PrEP is suggested individuals whose sexual practices place them in danger and individuals who’ve had connection with intravenous drugs. It is just a treatment that’s effective for individuals who’ve examined negative for Aids – for individuals who’re Aids positive other considerations are suggested, so you need to be examined before you begin on your skin therapy plan.

For those inside a exposure to someone with a diagnosis, PrEP can help to eliminate their chance of catching it, while individuals inside a non-monogamous exposure to a guy who identifies as gay or bisexual and that has played in rectal sex with no condom or caught an STD previously six several weeks will also be considered through the CDC to become at substantial risk.

Additionally, individuals a non-monogamous exposure to someone heterosexual who regularly doesn’t use condoms with partners who’re also vulnerable to infection, (ie, bisexual men or partners who inject drugs) and whose Aids status is unknown might be considered for that treatment.

Also regarded as in a substantial risk are those who have injected illicit drugs, experienced strategy to drug abuse or shared needles along with other injection equipment in the last six several weeks.

Does it stop me becoming have contracted Aids?

It is just a therapy that’s really helpful for those who have a regular, ongoing chance of becoming have contracted Aids. For just one-off occasions which cause high-risk of Aids exposure, other remedies are better.

Condoms continue to be important

Aids is regrettably a lot more prevalent within the gay community compared to the straight community for several reasons, and so if you are participating in rectal sex having a non-monogamous partner whose Aids status you do not know, will still be important to utilize a condom.

While PrEP is an extremely efficient way to lower the time to become infected it isn’t infallible and properly utilizing a condom remains the easiest method to avoid infection.