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Thursday, March 19th 2015. | Nutrition

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ISO 2 Diet

Lately I discovered a brandname which was a new comer to me although I am certain I’d heard about them prior to the brand under consideration is iso 2 diet, after reserching I discovered they sponsor lots of top carrying out atheletes in a variety of areas for example MMA, lifting weights plus some other exciting sports.

A few words on a few of the items that iso2 offer:

Complete Energy 4.5kg

Complete Energy is definitely an energy based formula to assist recovery and supply sports athletes having a steady degree of glycogen to aid muscle performance although training. Can be used a pre, throughout and publish workout drink. Ideal like a pre-contest bodybuilding carb loader or just before taking part in almost any sport.

Complete Recovery

Complete Recovery all-in-one formula continues to be particularly designed like a pre and publish workout drink. The formula consists of a matrix of slow and fast release proteins, creatine monohydrate, l-glutamine, l-leucine, omega essential fatty acids, vitamin & mineral complex. Each one of these elements happen to be accustomed to promote lean muscle mass growth and recovery. To assist digestion, we’ve added our unique enzyme blend Enzoaid to increase the absorption of nutrition.


Complete Professional-Brek is a top quality protein oat based cereal for that serious athlete.

ISO2 Diet is really a strong believer inside a balanced breakfast to begin the sports athletes day which product provides you with the right begin to your dietary daily intake. Complete Professional-Brek is wealthy in a mix of quality proteins, proteins, BCAAs, glutamine and L-Carnitine because of its weight loss qualities.

Complete & Burn

Iso 2 Complete & Burn continues to be designed particularly for weight loss, putting you in charge. The product consists of natural elements and is made to be utilized along with a smart diet regime which might promote body fat loss and a rise in your body’s metabolism.

Complete Protein

Iso2 Complete Protein Whey protein Matrix is really a new idea formula composed from the greatest quality hydrolysed whey protein proteins (Isolate & concentrate) wealthy in proteins and BCAA’s with added leucine, Isoleucine, l-glutamine and our patent pending Enzoaid. This will make Complete Protein fast absorbing and ideal for enhanced recovery after physical effort.

Glutamine Factor 3

Glutamine Factor 3 is definitely an advanced recovery formula particularly bioengineered for rapid repair and recovery. We’ve taken the fundamental type of l-glutamine that has been enhanced it using the proteins l-leucine, Isoleusine & peptide glued proteins (PBAA). These proteins may lead to faster recovery and repair, much more than fundamental l-glutamine based powders.

Weight Gainer

ISO 2 Weight Gainer continues to be particularly made to provide sports athletes with higher quality low index list (GI) carbohydrates. Many putting on weight formulas in present day marketplace contain mostly cheap simple sugars that cause undesirable body fat mass gains. Each serving provides 440 quality calories from time launched proteins & low GI complex carbohydrates. This formula could be taken during the day to exchange foods or lead to extra calories required for mass building diets and won’t cause stomach bloatedness. May also be used like a pre and publish workout drink.

One the advantages of iso 2 diet isn’t just the truly amazing items however the costs are also fantastic so make sure to look into the iso2 diet items!

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