Lyme Disease & Biofeedback

Wednesday, October 19th 2016. | Disease

Lyme Disease may be the silent epidemic from the twenty-first century. Like AIDS in early 80’s when our knowledge of Aids was at it’s infancy, Lyme Disease is skipped, overlooked, feared and lacks a coherent protocol through the CDC. Today, most doctors believe that Lyme Disease is because a deer tick and it is prevalent in specific physical areas of the nation. If an individual does not fit the particular criteria from the typical bulls-eye rash or reside in the recognized regions of infection it isn’t always regarded as the possibility cause behind many chronic illness and signs and symptoms. If your physician does test for Lyme Disease the options to be told you do not have Lyme are extremely high unless of course the non CDC protocol for test analysis is adopted. The Western Blot test has got the greatest precision for figuring out if Lyme related pathogens are active. In most justness towards the medical community and also the CDC, Lyme Disease is tough to identify. The responsible spirochete bacteria are extremely small they aren’t easily found with standard testing.


Quantum Biofeedback is really a technologically advanced human interface software program and device developed from traditional biofeedback which has had success in assessing for Lyme Disease. It may deliver highly focused, specific therapy to lessen multiple types of stress, for example pathogens such as the Lyme Disease spirochete. It may identify the virus utilizing frequency treatments which have the regularity “codes” of the several Lyme Disease pathogens. An experienced Biofeedback Specialist may then evaluate the feedback data to assist determine whether the resonance having a particular issue or virus such as the Lyme Disease related spirochetes are resonating for a person. Besides supplying specific reducing stress associated with the Lyme Disease signs and symptoms, it may also assist an individual in figuring out if it might be prudent to possess a Lyme test done. As the analysis isn’t considered an analysis, the resonance designs can offer you aren’t enough information to pursue an analysis having a physician.

The Quantum Biofeedback utilizes a highly sophisticated device known as the EPFX/SCIO to see your body’s physiological reaction in the subconscious level towards the wavelengths well over 10000 different products. The customer is “linked” towards the EPFX/SCIO using a safe, comfortable headband along with a chair pad that rests in which the client is sitting down throughout the session. Since the EPFX/SCIO is interacting using the subconscious, the result from the therapy can be quite deep and extremely effective in aiding someone to cope better with daily tensions along with the specific issues and stresses associated with any kind of chronic illness like Lyme Disease.

For those who have Lyme Disease, whatever the degree of the condition you might have, you’ll need medical assistance and anti-biotic therapy. However, natural treatments and related alternative treatment today offer more solutions to assistance with reducing not just the lengthy term results of this kind of insidious infection however in paving the best way to lengthy term recovery.