Lyme Disease, Rife And Quantum Biofeedback

Thursday, October 20th 2016. | Disease

There are lots of treatment options available these days for anybody struggling with Lyme Disease, particularly chronic or late stage Lyme Disease. Once you can aquire a diagnosis, traditional medicinal practises comes with viable treatments, mostly anti-biotics that may be good at dealing with Lyme Disease and lots of co-infections associated with Lyme for example Babesia and Erhlicia. Alternative treatment offers from herbal treatments, peroxide IV therapy, high dose Ascorbic Acid IV therapy, sauna, ozone, and a number of others. Many of these operate in different degree with respect to the person and the amount of infection. Lyme is very complex in it’s form as well as in treatments.


Energy Medicine, the brand new kid on the market, is a viable choice for quite a while. However, understanding of this modality continues to be hidden for various political reasons much like Lyme Disease itself. The significance of it’s effectiveness in dealing with Lyme related pathogens is proven. It’s many names, Rife to be the renowned. There are a number of Rife like products which are now in the marketplace and could be utilized by people with Lyme Disease. The danger is minimal, but learning for doing things correctly is type in minimizing any Herx or Die Out aftereffect of the pathogens. The EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device also consists of a Rife like generator. The price of a fundamental Rife like system is significantly less, generally around $1800 to $2000 and also the EPFX/SCIO is $18,500 and needs a lot of training for doing things. However, using the Rife for many may prove too hard to handle if they’re seriously ill. And getting sessions having a qualified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist while using EPFX/SCIO may go for many Lyme sufferers better, a minimum of initially.

The EPFX/SCIO likewise helps balance the general body systems utilizing frequency therapy. It may also help with symptom reduction and lower the Die Out or Herx effect after while using Rife modality. It might prove helpful too, for individuals utilizing a Rife device by themselves to possess periodic sessions to assistance with maintaining understanding of their condition and degree of infection. The EPFX/SCIO device provides monitoring and analysis from a dynamic outlook during an individual’s all around health such as the body’s response level to pathogens and immune strength. This monitoring doesn’t replace proper treatment, bloodstream testing, etc., but it’s yet another tool to assist individual empowerment and overall reducing stress relevant towards the varied signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease.

The EPFX/SCIO is really a comprehensive 3d unit in it’s method of Lyme and may even monitor the energetic resonance from the specific Lyme pathogens for that individual. The Rife like products don’t offer this monitoring ability but these two brilliant energetic products provide a viable tool within the arsenal of medical weapons required to fight the voracious Lyme pathogens. Most Lyme sufferers will require a multi-modality method of overcome this complex illness. Energetic frequency therapy such as the Rife tool and others much like it have provided many Lyme sufferers the opportunity to wean off antibiotics and supply a practical means to fix lengthy term maintenance and perhaps complete recovery from Lyme related infections. The EPFX/SCIO device provides the same, however with a far more comprehensive approach. Cost as being a factor, Rife like products tend to be more affordable for an average joe, but locating a competent Quantum Biofeedback Specialist might be, for many, the main difference in quality of existence along with a shorter time period of the condition.

In either case, energetic prescription medication is a substantial bit of the puzzle for Lyme patients. Info on Biofeedback Specialists are available at . The nation’s board that certifies Biofeedback Specialists in traditional and Quantum Biofeedback offers this site to discover practitioners in your town. Info on Rife like products are available at . This website offers information, books and materials about them and it is loaded with education around the Rife type products along with other Lyme related subjects.