Mouth Disease that Often Occurs

Friday, June 3rd 2016. | Beauty

The mouth is the main tool or a major recipient of food, where the food is at the input, in the setting, in the analysis, so go to other organs.

But, do you know if your mouth has a disease or a myriad of problems? After many researchers proved, it turns out the mouth that we consider far only a small cavity that is useful to chew food have problems or diseases are manifold in number. One of them Various diseases of the mouth is below:

Diseases of the Mouth

Bad breath

A common disease is bad breath. With the condition of the teeth and gums that are less clean, mouth sores, infections or sores in the mouth, eating garlic or onions, smoking, alcohol, and dentures are not maintained. Then came the smell of this mouth disease.


Sprue disease that often occurs in adults or infants caused by the fungus candida. But a weakened immune system, antibiotics, diabetes or certain medications inhaled corticosteroids may provide an opportunity candida to grow wild. Wiping patch will cause pain. You should immediately see a doctor to get a diagnosis.

Inflammation of the mouth

Inflammation of the mouth caused by a fungus and its treatment is usually used antifungal lozenges, an inflammatory disease of the mouth has a characteristic that the tongue and are pale whitish yellow spots that can be dredged with ease. The pain felt in these spots if exposed to food or while brushing.


Maybe this one sounds familiar disease, the disease is a tongue ached for their fractures. This condition occurs due to the protective tissue on the surface of the tongue is not formed. For the treatment must be known what the cause, could be due to anemia or other vitamin deficiencies.

Wound Foul

Until now no one has to know the cause of the pain in your mouth, the trigger includes hiversensitive, infections, hormones, stress, and do not get enough vitamins. Also called aphthous ulcers. Sores that can appear on the tongue, cheeks, gums and even you. They usually last two weeks. Severe canker sores can be treated with a numbing cream, prescription drugs, or laser teeth.

Lips and mouth sore

Beware Syphilis infected due to oral sex which causes mouth sore. This smarting complaints usually disappear after a few days. But if stung more than 3 weeks, could have been affected by cancer.

Gum infection

Increased inflammation causes the gums recede, pockets form between the teeth and gums. This trap pockets of tartar, plaque and food debris that eventually lead to infection and abscesses. Gum disease further damage the bone that supports the teeth and is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults. Meet the dentist for dental treatment shrinkage.

Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

This disease has symptoms of the dots on the tongue pale yellow, high body temperature to 38 degrees Celsius or more, sometimes appeared pain to tenderness around the lips, starting with blisters or blisters very sick. If you have a good durability, these symptoms will disappear in a few days.

Coksackle Virus

This disease usually prefer to attack in children. In addition to the mouth, red dots caused by this virus can attack the hands and feet, sometimes can be accompanied by fever and chills. This disease can also be called a syndrome of hand, foot and mouth. Given this virus is contagious then the child should be isolated from playmates. Give children foods high in protein and adequate rest so that increased durability.