Nasal Cavity : Definition, Function And Parts

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Nasal Cavity : Definition, Function and Parts

The nasal cavity is extends from nares as far back as posterior nasal aperture or choanae. Between posterior border of medial pterygoid plates of spehnoid and vomer. 
The main function of the nasal cavity is to act as the main passageway for the airflow entering the lungs. The nasal cavity also filters the incoming air, regulates temperature and humidifies the nasal passage to aid the filtering function.
The borders of the nasal cavity are as follows:
  • Caudal: The cribrifrom plate of the ethmoid bone.
  • Ventral: Continuous with the nasopharynx.
  • Dorsal: The maxilla and the palatine processes of the incisive bone.
  • Rostrally, the median septum is a continuation of the ethmoid bone. The median septum is made up of hyaline cartilage, and divides the nasal cavity into left and right halves.
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