Powerpoints: Graphs And Charts, Tables And Illustrations Reinforce Your Message

Thursday, October 13th 2016. | HIV Aids

Powerpoints: Graphs And Charts, Tables And Illustrations Reinforce Your Message

Studies have been in existence that prove:*

&bull A persons brain processes visuals 400,000 occasions quicker than it will text.

&bull Powerpoints have been discovered to enhance learning by as much as 400%.

Other important details about powerpoints:–

&bull Retention of knowledge is six occasions greater when details are presented aesthetically and orally than when it’s communicated by spoken word alone.

&bull Roughly 83% of human learning happens aesthetically the rest of the 17% is accomplished through the other senses–1% through hearing, 3.5% through smell, 1% through taste, and 1.5% through touch.

&bull 72 hours after an informational presentation, people retain 10% from an dental presentation, 35% from the visual presentation, and 65% from the visual and dental presentation.

So using effective powerpoints on your presentation is really a effective tool that contributes impact and interest to strengthen your primary ideas. When used correctly, these visuals considerably enhance and deliver information in a manner that causes it to be memorable.

However, used ineffectively, powerpoints detract significantly out of your message and can lose your audience&rsquos attention. And statistically, no more than 10% of presenters use visuals correctly. So it’s answer to keep your following points in your mind when planning your powerpoints.

Recommendations for implementing powerpoints

1. Hug. Make it simple–age-old advice is applicable just as much today because it ever did, during these occasions of physical overload. Don’t use visuals for words, words, words. The graphic element ought to be easy and retain the single message of 1 particular group of data–for example, a chart or graph for statistical info, a sketch or drawing to exhibit designs and plans. And don&rsquot overload the visual with extraneous data.

2. Don&rsquot send your audience dreaming. Very frequently, a PowerPoint text presentation–slide by slide–could be a sleeping pill and eyes will glaze over because the first bullet point formulaically &lsquoflies&rsquo in from stage left. Always avoid text glides (and particularly don&rsquot read from their store). Possibly leave handouts as take-aways rather.

3. The 4×4 Rule. If, for whatever reason, you&rsquore convinced you have to use text glides, follow the 4×4 Rule: Limit four lines of text to some slide, and limit four words maximum to some line.

4. Silly, or corny, images. Resist while using royalty-free photos of stars showing feelings like disappointment and surprise, or any other photos that attempt silly humor. Your audience won’t be amused and can much more likely think it is crude.

Remember, powerpoints ought to be the icing around the cake, not the wedding cake itself. Concise, clean graphics and charts will pack the content punch you’re searching to provide. If you are using glides for the words, your message will end up automatic, and will probably be forgotten.

Reinforce what you are saying with simple but effective graphs and illustrations. Keep these recommendations in your mind when planning the next group of powerpoints and also you&rsquoll be amazed at just how effectively your audience will retain your message.


George Kops

Focus Communications Worldwide


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