Preeclampsia Pregnancy Treatment

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Preeclampsia Pregnancy
Preeclampsia Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is in her 8th month and is having eclampsia. How do you treat? And how do you manage?

Delivery first and manage Fits with Magsulphate initially and then sedate and control BP with I/V Methyldopa. It’s better that delivery should be through C-section. In order to prevent seizures, once the patient has entered the eclamptic stage from the preeclamptic stage we control the seizures using standard antiepilectics. care has to b taken with benzodiapines as the may cause mother and child resp.depression. MgSO4 is administered once the patient is in control only to prevent further recurrence of seizures as the next 48 hours post pregnancy are the most crucial period and the mother is more vulnerable.

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