Pregnancy Stages Week by Week

Sunday, January 8th 2017. | Women Health

How to understand the different stages of pregnancy

Congratulations, you finally got pregnant and now you are asking yourself so many questions in regard the upcoming months and your concerns, wondering if you would be able to arrive to the labor and delivery day without facing pitfalls. However, this is not a rocket science and understanding the different stages of pregnancy can help you cope with that early anxiety.

Gestational period Pregnancy is a gestational period that last between 38 and 40 weeks although each pregnancy is different from one another and it could last for a little longer or a little less. This period is divided into three different stages or trimesters, each of which have different characteristics during its progress.

Pregnancy Stages Week by Week


The first trimester begins immediately after a woman conceives, but from a medical perspective, pregnancy begins its counting days two weeks before a woman’s menstrual period, which is the one before the missed one. This calculation makes the medical count of days vary from 266 to 280 days when the pre-conception two weeks are included.

The fact is that during the first three months of your pregnancy, you will have to establish with your obstetrician a pre-natal routine and medical check-ups, Healthy women have nothing to fear except natural discomforts such as tender breasts, mood swings, morning sickness, fatigue and dizziness, but some women are prone to miscarriage during the first trimester, period in which the embryo begins to develop body structures, organism and size.

Second trimester The second trimester is another cycle of three months at which the mother-to-be may suffer from leg cramps and see how her breasts enlarge at a time that her belly begins to gain near four pounds per month as the uterus grows to make room for your baby. During this stage, it is usual that your skin changes its color due to increased blood circulation that also makes the nipples darker.

Third trimester The third trimester of pregnancy is more relaxed because by then you would have learned to understand more about your body and your developing baby, however some discomforts increase, including sore hip, backaches and difficulty to sleep due to your growing belly. Some women may develop hemorrhoids and varicose veins during this stage.

Nonetheless, your obstetrician or health care provider can help you resolve any specific question about your health during pregnancy, symptoms and psychological changes that you can experience through its different stages, and recommend you different tests.

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