Protect your Eyes in this Summer!

Sunday, February 19th 2017. | Other

It’s nice to put on a pair of sunglasses when the sharp rays of the sun peeps out in the spring. But they need not cost a fortune, according Sten Andréasson, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Lund.

The sun’s ultraviolet light can in large doses, can cause damage to the skin and even the eyes, he says. But you will get far with common sense.

Most people know that everyone should not look at the sun. It is also good to use sunglasses when the sun is sharp. But simpler models provide equally good protection as more expensive. Just check that they are labeled to protect against UV light, with a small patch or decal.

man sunglass

Sunglasses protect the eyes in several ways. In very bright environments can protect against snow blindness, damage to the cornea that makes it hurts and feels uncomfortable about a day. Perhaps sunglasses also have a longer term effect and reduce the risk of diseases of the eye.

The sun’s ultraviolet light contribute to the occurrence of eye diseases, says Sten Andréasson.

For example, researchers gave rabbits an cataracts in a few hours by giving them huge amounts of ultraviolet light in the eyes. Probably sunlight increases the risk even for us humans, but this research is not as clear yet.

Here a number of studies to ultraviolet light for a long time may provide some increased risk. And then sunglasses to provide a protective effect.

A few years ago we could read that yellow sunglasses are the best and the worst is blue. But it is oversold, according Sten Andréasson.

There’s not much evidence for asserting that certain colors of sunglasses are better than others. Choose the ones you like best!

Sunglasses also protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Otherwise, it is easy to burn and turn red on the eyelids.

While children usually find it uncomfortable with the bright sun in their eyes, but they not always wear sunglasses. Then you can put them on a hat or a cap. It protects the entire face and thus your eyes, says Sten Andréasson.

The hat works well for adults too. But if we are in sand, snow or water reflected pretty much ultraviolet light reaching the eye even from below. Then wear sunglasses is better.

Choose this!
The sunglasses should be labeled that they protect against UV light.
The color of the glass is less important for the protective effect. Choose what you like best.
When driving, it may be well with gray shades, which does not distort colors, and not too dark glass.