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Monday, March 16th 2015. | Medicine

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Tibetan Medicine Herbal treatments In Tibetan medicine, medicine is a period-honored treatment. Tibetan medicine is large in number. You will see a piece within this book dealing solely using the Tibetan pharmacopoeia. Here only quality recipes and drug forms is going to be pointed out.

In ancient Tibetan medicine, the drug forms are varied, including decoction, powder, pill (bolus), and paste. There have been also nasal and eye dripping and suppository. Over time, the drug forms were mostly bolus and powder. The reason behind this transformation might be credited to the health of the plateau where preparation of the decoction am much trouble. The boiling point there is really low because of the reduced atmospheric pressure, and a few of the effective elements couldn’t be dissolved within the solution under such conditions. By comparison, bolus and powders were convenient and much more effective under such conditions. Most Tibetan medications are compound quality recipes, with elements varying from about 3-5 to as much as over 100, and, generally, a score in number. Within the compound recipe, there’s one component playing the primary role of therapeutic action known as the monarch (or king) as the other elements are ministerial, official and attendant elements. Inside the compound, all elements are mutually marketing, offering synergies and strengthening to exert better effect, yet still time they’re mutually limited, using each other peoples strong suggests overcome their very own flaws.

At the start of Si bu yi dian (Rgyud bzhi), it had been pointed out the treatment succumbed Tibetan prescription medication is varied. There’s an instalment in Gen ben yi dian (Rtsa rgyud) solely coping with remedies, that is pointed out these fall under four groups, namely, diet therapy, regulating everyday living activities, medication and exterior therapy. In diet therapy, you will find several types of meals and drinks for various disorders. Controlling the circumstances of daily existence includes the house, the nearby atmosphere, clothing, travel, and making buddies. In medication, it mainly handles dental administration, including decoction, powder, pill or bolus, medicinal dew, medicinal oil, cathartics, tonics and emetics. Exterior treatment includes medical instrument therapy, oil rubbing, massage, acu-moxibustion, bloodletting, perspiration, hot compress and medicinal bathing. It’s stated that altogether you will find 98 types of such treatments. When in comparison with other traditional chinese medical systems, this is a significant unique phenomenon.

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