Skull Anatomy Bones

Monday, October 28th 2013. | Anatomy

Skull Anatomy Bones

Skull Anatomy Bones is made of manny small bony section of the head and consists of cranium and facial bones which function as encases and protects the brain, provides attachments for muscles of the head and neck, houses the brain senses.
There are several parts of human skull bones anatomy :

  • Occipital Bone (os occipitale)
  • Sphenoid Bone (os sphenoidale)
  • Temporal Bone (os temporale)
  • Frontal Bone (os frontale)
  • Parietal Bone (os parietale)
  • Ethmoid Bone (os ethmoidale)
  • Maxilla
  • Mandible (mandibula)

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