Sphenomandibular Ligament

Sphenomandibular ligament (internal lateral ligament) is a thin band and flat, which is attached superiorly to the spina angularis

March 12th 2014 | Anatomy

Jugular Foramen

Jugular foramen is contain the major vascular structure and lower cranial nerves. This passageway from the cranial vault transmits

March 10th 2014 | Anatomy

External Carotid Arteries

External Carotid Arteries flows upward on the side of the head to branch into various structures in the neck,

December 5th 2013 | Anatomy

Carotid Arteries

Carotid Arteries   are blood vessels that supply blood to the head, neck and brain. One carotid artery is

December 1st 2013 | Anatomy