The 6 Worst Ingredients You Can Have in Your Coffee

Friday, March 3rd 2017. | Nutrition

It has been demonstrated that coffee may improve memory, promote wellness, improve heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes.

There will be a time when coffee becomes your worst enemy: when adding artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that are not healthy.

Are you sure your cup of coffee can be considered healthy? Here comes the worst ingredients you can have in your coffee.

Worst Ingredients coffe

1. Filled flavors
Coffee Drinks that have added flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut and caramel are full of sugar and artificial colors.
If you want to add a little flavor, try a few drops of vanilla, mint and dried fruit extracts.

These do not contain added sugar, but remember that these flavors may change the levels of glucose in your blood.

2. Saccharin and sweeteners
Calorie-free sweetener helps you avoid coffee loaded with sugar. The problem? These are sugar derivatives which also changes your metabolism.
The result may be that you eat more food because you do not feel full.
It can lead to damage in the growth of intestinal bacteria, and even increases the risk of diabetes.

Extracts of stevia leaf is the healthiest option for sweetening coffee. It does not contain sucralose (Splenda as), who claimed to be healthy when it really is not.

3. Sugar
A little sugar a day will not do any harm, but if you drink several cups a day, you should know that these empty calories pile up in the body.
Having two teaspoons of sugar in three cups of coffee results in 50 grams of sugar.
Remember that the recommended maximum sugar intake for an adult is 90 grams, but with a diet of 2,000 calories is far too much.

However, you need not stop drinking several cups of coffee a day. You can find healthier alternatives to sweeten its strong and bitter taste.
As long as you do not exceed the recommended amount, you can try to use less sugar.

If you can choose, you should always go for brown sugar, which is not as useless, or include natural spices such as cinnamon. This can help reduce peaks in blood sugar levels and prevent cravings.

4. Non-fat milk
Skimmed milk is not necessarily bad, but it has been demonstrated that milk products with natural fat may be better.
Those who consume fat-free products have significantly higher intake of carbohydrates, which generally means they are gaining weight.

It can be traced to the specific fatty acids in whole milk helps prevent disease, making it a good option for your coffee.

5. Coffee cream powder
It is without doubt the worst ingredient you can have in your coffee. All it does is to change the color and mimic a creamy consistency, which other milk-based coffee cream does.
These lactose-free accessories often have corn syrup and vegetable oil, which means sugar and empty calories.

It’s an elegant way to say artificial trans fats, which cause arterial obstructions and are related to heart disease and diabetes.
Often they are on planes and in caf├ęs, so if you’re traveling somewhere, try to avoid them as much as possible.

6. Alcohol
The worst combination you can do with your coffee is to mix it with some form of distilled beverage. There is no way it can get into the club for healthy drinks.
Do not forget that alcoholic drinks will give you energy, but no nutrients can provide benefits.

Alcohol consumption is a causative factor in many diseases and health problems such as mental and behavioral disorders.

Do not forget to excessive alcohol intake leads to alcoholism, liver cirrhosis, heart disease and certain types of cancer, and we have not even talked about secondary problems such as violence and traffic accidents.