The Effectiveness Of Revivo Herbal Tea In Treating Hiv

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The Aids-1 virus infection which accounts for Helps is really as virulent as always and is constantly on the evade both a remedy or perhaps a vaccine that vast amounts of dollars of research money was already spent. Meanwhile the therapy options though existence-saving leave much to become preferred when it comes to their unwanted effects and comparatively expensive. Herbal treatments, however may contain the solution….

Just like conventional pharmaceutical drugs it can’t be stated that any plant has been discovered that’s relief from Helps or that may destroy the Aids virus completely, You will find however compelling studies which have proven many herbal medicinals as well as their chemical ingredients to hinder the replication from the virus, and 100s greater than can cope with the connected signs and symptoms along with other side-results of conventional Helps drugs.

In a single such study two scientists, one in the College of California at Davis and the other in the Chinese College of Hong Kong tested 27 herbal treatments from the Aids virus which can be used within traditional chinese medicine to treat infections. From these 27, 5 almost completely stopped Aids in laboratory cells and 6 others demonstrated significant suppressing activity.

Enter Revivo, Revivo is really a title provided to the herbal formulation produced by Aconite Herbals located in Nigeria and composed of the very best of these 11 medicinals plus a host of other medicinals that are regarded as as “assistants” within the formula that treat other signs and symptoms of Aids infection as well as lessen the side-results of ARV therapy.

The Revivo formulation is really a trademark of Aconite Herbals and consists of the next medicinals:

* Arcitum Lappa

* Coix Seed

* Momordica Charantia

* Hypericum Chinensis

* Nelumbo Nucifera

* Prunella Vulgaris

* Zizyphus Jojoba oil

In the above medicinals Nelumbo Nucifera, Arctium Lappa and Prunella Vulgaris are some of the 11 that demonstrated significant activity from the Aids virus within the laboratory study carried out through the two scientists. (R. Shihman Chang and H.W. Yeung, “Inhibition Of Development Of Hiv By Crude Extracts OF Chinese Medicinal Herbal treatments”, Antiviral Research, 9 (1988), pages 163-176.)

Exactly the same three medicinals happen to be employed for centuries in Chinese Medicine to deal with the next:

* Infections

* A sore throat

* Protuberances and nodules

* Skin breakouts

* Diarrhea

* Bleeding

* Lightheadedness

* Lung TB

* Infectious Hepatitis

The rest of the medicinals happen to be utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for dealing with:

* Insomnia

* muscle spasm

* Diarrhea

* Lung abscesses

* Por circulation

* Abdominal discomfort

* General discomfort

The herbal treatments within the formula work by various means, some contain specific chemicals for example MAP30 and betulinic acidity which hinder Aids replication, other medication is used according to their understanding inside the Traditional Chinese Medicine framework for example Coix Seed which is called being Awesome, sweet and bland and getting the part of strengthening the digestion, clearing warmth in the lung area and draining dampness. The framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to be developed during a period of 2000 many according to that empirical understanding creates a superbly effective healing methodology which has additionally been proven effective for Aids.

Customers of Revivo report inceased CD4 counts, decreased viral loads and general loss of signs and symptoms for example evening sweats, insomnia, discomfort etc. Though no full studies happen to be carried out the outcomes to date are encouraging and due to the reduced possibility of side-effects with this particular dietary supplement it comes down like a recommendation from many complementary medicine professionals to take advantage of these an equation to assistance with fighting against Aids.

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