The Review: Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Cardiac Arrest, along with other

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The Review: Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Cardiac Arrest, along with other Deadly Murders!

This the review belongs to a set that covers the subject of Health Items and Services. Personal Health Items and Services include all you need to get a lean body from herbal medicines and remedies to health and fitness tips and recommendations. Dr. Vijaya Nair may be the Official Help guide to Health Items and Services.Stroke (1)

Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Cardiac Arrest, along with other Deadly Murders!, by Dr. Vijaya Nair, is really a valuable source of people thinking about Health Items and Services, which is available through Amazon . and Barnes & Noble.

Book Description

New Book by Harvard-trained MD Describes How you can ‘Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Cardiac Arrest, along with other Deadly Murders!’

Chronic Poor Quality Inflammation – the actual Reason for Disease By Dr. Vijaya Nair, M.D. FAMS, M.S. (Epid).

Mount Kisco, NY. (PRWEB) The month of january 21, 2009 — Exactly what do cancer, cardiovascular disease, joint disease, Alzheimer’s, digestive system disorders, macular degeneration, and chronic fatigue syndrome all share? They all are brought on by chronic poor quality inflammation based on investigator, physician, and epidemiologist Dr. Vijaya Nair.

Inflammation is the immune system’s method of safeguarding you against physical trauma or foreign invaders, for example infections and bacteria. It’s said to be a brief and effective response. Regrettably, your body does not switch off the soreness switch also it winds up wrecking the tissue and organs it had been designed to safeguard. We have a tendency to consider inflammation as symbolic of joint disease. However, inflammation can strike anywhere within your body. It is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and much more existence-threatening conditions. Control inflammation and also you control disease. Worldwide research signifies that Curcumin, the active component in turmeric, is extremely good at controlling inflammation.

A minimum of twelve clinical tests on humans they are under means by the U . s . States, Israel and England to check Curcumin, and articles on Curcumin happen to be reported 967 occasions since 2000 in articles reported in PubMed, the nation’s Library of Medicine’s research service. It has been shown in human and creatures appliances Curcumin safeguards the liver, prevents growths by preventing precancerous changes within DNA and disrupts enzymes required for cancer progression, reduces inflammation, fights some infections, and blocks toxic substance from reaching or reacting with body tissue. Curcumin has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it will help lower cholesterol levels by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol to advertise vascular health.

Dr. Nair, an old Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia College, is extremely considered in evidence-based medicine for determining risks for disease as well as for figuring out optimal treatment methods to illnesses for example cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, Aids/AIDS, etc. Regardless of vast amounts of dollars provided to study cancer along with other illnesses, it’s a tragedy that Western medicine has not designed a dent within the rate of deaths because of cancer and it is complications. The truth is the U.S. dying rate from cancer has continued to be unchanged from 1950 to 2002. This insufficient true progress motivated Dr. Nair along with a number of other doctors and research researchers to locate possible ways to handle cancer remedies with better diet and natural product supplementations.

In her own ground-breaking book, “PREVENT CANCER, Strokes, Cardiac Arrest, along with other Deadly Murders!– Dr. Nair Unveils Evidence Based Anti-Inflammatory Healing Remedies” Dr. Nair, MD, FAMS, MS(Epid), and Chief executive officer vital of Existence&trade talks about the hidden causes behind a number of America’s most deadly illnesses and unveils natural, anti-inflammatory remedies that will help prevent and treat them. Designed in obvious, easy-to-understand language, it describes:

* What triggers chronic poor quality inflammation

* How inflammation may cause cancer, destroy the joints, damage the center, modify the digestive system, diminish eyesight, hurt the mind, and lower energy.

* Research-backed natural anti-inflammatory remedies that may improve and safeguard heath

* Simple changes in lifestyle to reside inflammation freeDr. Nair states the current trend toward alternative treatments is a result of disappointment with conventional healthcare, e.g. it’s pricey and centered on curing disease instead of maintaining health. “Individuals with health issues are actually seeking solutions associated with the understanding and getting rid of the main reason for their problems–not merely seeking respite from the signs and symptoms,” she states, adding that “Using complementary and alternative treatment (CAM) by patients continues to be well recorded, with many studies recommending that 30-98% of patients use some type of CAM therapy.”

Dr. Nair’s decade of studying and performing research in botanicals lead her to build up a type of evidenced-based nutraceuticals, Essence of Existence/JIVA. which strengthen and offer the defense mechanisms. For additional info on how you can obtain her book please contact: Dr. Vijaya Nair at (800) 517 7606

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