Tips To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Sunday, February 19th 2017. | Women Health

Can you lose weight safely while breastfeeding? Here are some comments from experts and other new mothers.

Chris was a member of Weight Watchers when she became pregnant with twins. When she had given birth to her two girls she wanted to start the program again. After six weeks, she got the OK from the doctor and went straight to a meeting of the Weight Watchers to get back on track.
Karen Miller-Kovach, chief scientist at Weight Watchers International, says Chris’s story is typical of new mothers. “You feel like a beached whale, and the motivation to lose weight is very high,” she says. “It’s the perfect time to try to lose. And if you are breastfeeding, you do not work quite as hard to lose weight, but you are very motivated. It must stop a little so as not to get too carried away.”

Slim Fast During-Pregnancy

Healthy children and healthy weight loss
How much is “too much”? If you are losing too much weight, says Karen Miller Kovach, it will affect your milk and it may in turn affect the child’s health. She says: “An average weight loss of 500 g per week do you manage without affecting milk quality or quantity.”

Weight Watchers has developed guidelines for their members so that they can adapt the PointsPlus program to the specific nutritional requirements for lactating mothers. Ask your doctor when you have given your child what he or she thinks about your plans to lose weight while breastfeeding and in case you need to make any special adjustments.

If you are breastfeeding and you decide to lose weight with Weight Watchers, we recommend that you go to meetings where you can get personal support for your special weight problems.

These meetings provide a great opportunity to work with a coach to adapt the guidelines to fit your life. Betsy, a member and the mother agrees: “I knew I could not start the Weight Watchers until after my “six week check”, so three days after the inspection, I went to my local meeting!” she says. With help from an “absolutely fantastic coach,” Betsy succeeded so well that she now weighs less than before she became pregnant.

Remember: If you’re meeting up with Weight Watchers before you get pregnant, you can freeze your membership while you are pregnant (you can not lose weight with Weight Watchers during pregnancy). You can get more information from your coach.

Other breastfeeding
You may need to consult your doctor if you have special dietary restrictions. Ask your doctor if you are allergic to milk, if breast-feeding more than one child, if you notice that your milk volume decreases, or if you have questions about which foods or dietary supplements you should avoid.

The weight loss during lactation is individual. Some women lose weight when they are breastfeeding, while others retain 3-5 kg and are not of the weight until after they stopped breastfeeding. Donna, another meeting members walked easily lose weight during the years she nursed her first child (who is now three years), but she’s now harder to lose when she is breastfeeding her eight-month-old daughter.

You will feel hungry! Increased appetite during breastfeeding is almost universal. Women being weaned her children often find their appetite decreases dramatically.

This is a good time to start losing weight. “Take advantage of the benefits that this stage in your life offers,” says Karen Miller-Kovach. Chris, the expectant twins mother says it was quite easy for her to lose weight when she breast-fed and she was in the program even before she became pregnant: “The weight seemed to go down pretty quickly, and besides, I felt satisfied. I knew that I ate healthy when I held myself to the program, which was good for all three of us! ”

Find a meeting now and lose weight with the help of a coach!

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