Tonsilloliths Symptom, Diagnosis and Treatment

Saturday, January 14th 2017. | Disease

What is Tonsilloliths? It also known as tonsil stones can cause a bit of discomfort however, they are not fatal and do not cause any type of medical harm.

In most cases, tonsilloliths will not need any special treatment. The majority of the stones are usually asymptomatic and will disappear on their own. You can remove the stones at home or have them surgically removed by your doctor.


At Home Treatments

  • You can remove the stones by using a swab or pick to dislodge the stones
  • Gargle with warm salt water will help with the discomfort
  • remove the stones with a curved medicine dropper
  • Use water pick with a steady stream of water pointed at the stones
  • Use a nasal and throat irrigation system
  • Use a toothbrush

If you choose to remove the stones yourself with a curved medicine dropper, the procedure is quite simple. All you do is place the dropper on the stone and squeeze. This sounds easy; however, it is not as easy as it sounds. You will not get the stone on your first try, it will take some effort.

Medical Treatments

Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics, which in some cases will work against tonsil stones.


If the stones become large and more painful, your doctor can remove the stones. After the surgery, you may have difficulty swallowing for a few days. Your doctor will use an instrument called a curette. He will more than likely give you a local anesthetic and then remove the stones with the tool.

Another more permanent form of surgery is known as laser tonsillectomy. This procedure will remove not only the stones a portion of the top layer of the tonsils where the stones develop. Once this surgery is performed, stones will no longer develop.

As you can tell, the only way to treat tonsilloliths and never have tonsil stones again is through surgery. If you only have small stones, then they are easy to remove with at home treatments, however, larger stones should be removed by your doctor.