Types of Skin Moles

Wednesday, January 25th 2017. | Beauty

Moles, as many of us know, is any dark mark, spot or a patch that appears on the skin. Almost everybody is accustomed to the existence of a mole, the birth moles. The ones that a person gets right from their birth. It is different from a birthmark and is often misunderstood for it. Moles can appear anywhere in the body.

Facial moles Facial moles that appear in the face can also be seen in many people. Removal of such moles through surgery may leave a scar on the treated area. Nobody loves to have a scar on the face for the removal of moles. In such cases, the best method is for going through a laser treatment.

Lasers work in a unique way when compared to the other methods of mole removal like excision, cauterization, etc. Since Lasers use light energy to remove the mole, there are less chances of a scar.

Mole treatment

Laser treatment starts with a laser beam directed at the mole. This converts the pigments in the mole.

Usually laser treatments needs to be done in a repeat basis. Three laser mole treatments would always be sufficient to remove the mole. Though some moles may be deep and may require further treatment.

The results of the laser mole treatment would appear in a span of a week after the treatment is done.

A laser mole treatment might charge on average between $200 and $400. This amount depends on the size of the mole that is to be treated, time for the treatment and the intensity of the laser to be used.

Laser mole treatment does not only apply to facial moles. It can be used to treat moles on any part of the body. Most people use laser mole treatment when there is a flat mole, i.e. these moles is not deep enough. In cases, where the moles are deep the laser treatment is not effective and the person must go for the excision or cauterization which provide better results at such moles.

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