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Friday, March 6th 2015. | Diabetes

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Diabetes is a kind of disease where the quantity of sugar contained in the bloodstream is within excess than usual limit. The quantity of sugar within the bloodstream is dependent upon blood insulin secreted by pancreatic cells and accounts for uptake of glucose (sugar) in muscles, liver etc. Therefore either complete lack of blood insulin or potential to deal with action of blood insulin results in elevated quantity of sugar within the bloodstream there-by leading to Your Body (Blood insulin DEPENDENT DIABETES-IDD) and Diabetes Type 2 (NIDD) correspondingly.

Sugar being sweet in taste, any food creation that is nice to taste or consists of sugar thus remains to become prevented in DM. Rather, food items which are bitter to taste ought to be consumed by diabetics because they can help in reducing bloodstream sugar level.


A) To become taken:

1) Solid food:

a) Grains and cereal products: wheat, grain, jowar, barley, equine gram, eco-friendly gram, pigeon pea, kidney beans etc.


1) Just in case of diabetes, grains and cereal products ought to be used only when they’re old, for instance Grain or wheat for use that is a minumum of one years old.

2) Also ideally, cereal products ought to be dry fried before cooking. For instance, grain after washing before cooking ought to be fried (dry, with no oil or anything, just within the container placed on the flame) after which cooked normally.

3) Utilization of barley is extremely helpful for diabetic patients. Barley may also be combined with wheat or jowar and provided to diabetic patients.

b) Veggies: Veggies like bitter gourd, serpent gourd, drum-stick, cucumber, radish etc are helpful for diabetic patients.

c) Spices or herbs : Spices or herbs like cinnamon, cardamom, garlic clove, ginger root, coriander seed products, eco-friendly coriander, cumin seed products, ajowan, pepper, asafetida, turmeric may be used.

d) Fruits : Dates, Date-palm, Hog-plum, Black-plum, Myrobalan, Nut of bellecic, Coconut, Pomegranate, Grapes etc may be used.

e) Non-vegetarian Diet : Antelope, Rabbit, Pigeon (Dove), Sparrow, Partridge, Peacock, and Parrot etc are helpful.

2) Liquid:

a) Hot or lukewarm water especially throughout after the foods.

b) Butter-milk

c) Vegetable soup or soup comprised of the grains like eco-friendly grams, equine grams, barley etc.

d) Tea or Coffey without sugar two to three occasions each day.

e) Old liquor or wine

f) Honey


1) The meals ought to be light to digest and never heavy.

2) Rather than getting heavy foods two times each day, light foods taken 3-4 occasions could be more advantageous.

3) A combination of Hog-Plum and Turmeric is advantageous for diabetics for normal consumption.

B) To not be used :

1) Solid Food :

a) Grains: Spiked dolichos, black grams etc ought to be prevented. More utilization of flour will be prevented.

b) Veggies: Pumpkin, Potato, Yams ought to be prevented.

c) Fruits: Mango, Blueberry, neesburry, jackfruit, custard apple, pumpion gourd, melon, papaya should strictly be prevented. Water-melon, eco-friendly coconut ought to be prevented or perhaps be drawn in really small amount. The fruits that are sour in taste like Pear, strawberry etc are ought to be prevented.

d) Milk and milk items like curd, clarified butter (ghee), Cheese, Paneer etc ought to be prevented.

e) Utilization of sugarcane and sugarcane items like jaggery will be prevented.

f) Utilization of flesh heavy to digest ought to be prevented, rather only sauces ought to be taken.

2) Liquid Food :

a) Cold water, Cold drinks etc.

b) Sugarcane juice, fruit drinks like mango etc ought to be prevented, any juice with syrup base ought to be prevented.


1) Utilization of food items that are sweet and sour in taste ought to be prevented.

2) Utilization of opposite quality food items i. e. cold and warm concurrently ought to be prevented, for instance consuming glass of cold water right before consuming hot coffee or tea.

3) Cereal products like grain, wheat etc ought to be a minumum of one years old in growth.

4) Utilization of more oily food and salts ought to be prevented.

5) Though helpful, extreme utilization of very bitter food for lengthy duration ought to be prevented by diabetics because despite the fact that it’ll lower the bloodstream sugar, you can get degenerative alterations in bones, joints etc.

Non-nutritional measures:

1. Exercise: Physical exercise is an essential a part of non nutritional measures for diabetics. Exercises shouldn’t be overweight and rather simple exercises, Yogasanas etc are advisable. Brisk walking is advantageous for diabetics. Regular walking a minimum of for 40-45 mins is helpful. Ideally morning walks and walks after getting foods a very good idea.

2. Generally oil massage and fomentation aren’t advisable for that diabetics. Rather massage with dry herbal powder is much more advantageous in controlling excess sweat. Herbal powders of sandalwood, cardamom etc may be used. Regular sun-bath can also be advisable in such instances.

3. Diabetic patient should avoid over sleeping the mid-day and sitting continuously for lengthy hrs. He also needs to avoid located on very soft mattress. Sleeping soon after foods ought to be strictly prevented.

4. Diabetic patient shouldn’t suppress his natural urges of urine, passing of stool etc

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