Why Assistive Hearing Devices isn’t a Stigma

Saturday, October 15th 2016. | HIV Aids

Based on World Health Organization, about 63 million individuals India are afflicted by lack of hearing, but no more than 2-3% from the affected people use assistive hearing devices. While price of the Assistive hearing device is among the reasons, many people avoid putting on it simply because they think it can make them appear socially awkward, not awesome, or seniors. Research has shown that three children from 1000 are born having a hearing problems and ear infection and noise exposure causing hearing problem at more youthful age. Therefore, hearing difficulties aren’t limited towards the seniors, that makes it much more complex, as more youthful population don’t want to appear having a assistive hearing device. However, fortunately, previously couple of years, there has been dramatic alterations in perception and assistive hearing devices don’t appear to possess social stigma mounted on them because it was about ten years ago.

Altering Awareness

JAAA (Journal from the American Academy of Audiology) continues to be performing studies since 1970, concerning the view individuals have about assistive hearing devices. To the 1990s, many people including children, seen assistive hearing devices adversely, coupled with poor opinion of individuals putting on these products. However, since 2000, there’s been a transfer of perception and people don’t appear in your thoughts people putting on assistive hearing device products.

Based on newest studies that made an appearance in JAAA&rsquos October 2014 issue, 24 Master of business administration students were requested to see photos of the youthful person putting on both of the next products &ndash

Standard behind-the-ear (BTE) device

Slim tube open-fit BTE

Completely-in-canal (CIC) device

Device that appeared as if a Wireless headset

Device that appeared as if earphones of a music player

The scholars were requested to rate the things they saw on the seven-point scale in line with the youthful man showing up &ndash


Not successful/effective






The outcomes were very encouraging. Photos of individuals putting on CIC assistive hearing devices were ranked older in comparison to persons putting on ear. Next, the reliable rating was more for individuals putting on BTE standard products in comparison to ones with Bluetooth products. Overall, there appear to become no stigma connected with these assistive hearing devices.

Size and elegance of contemporary Assistive Hearing Devices

The modification in outlook has additionally a great deal related to the lower size and stylish styling of contemporary assistive hearing devices. You don’t see anybody putting on aids our grandma and grandpa accustomed to put on, meaning there’s no association, happening. Modern assistive hearing devices are not only seen highly technologically advanced but they also have reduced in dimensions significantly. Next, their styling is comparable to most of the entertainment and communication products used today through the more youthful generation, that are considered awesome and classy. Individuals are no longer averse for making an announcement regarding their hearing defect, considering the amount of fun designs that are offered that should be conversation starters.

Individuals are Worried about their own health and Level Of Confidence

Assistive hearing devices not just let the individual to listen to, but additionally facilitates healthy functioning from the brain. Individuals who ignore dealing with their hearing problems tend to be more prone to depression and dementia. Individuals have altered their outlook on existence, and wish to try everything to remain healthy and gain in self-confident. Using the reducing stigma about assistive hearing devices as well as their availability at reduced costs, people no more have more problems in putting on these products and enhancing their lives.