You Can Train the Day After Drinking Alcohol?

Thursday, February 23rd 2017. | Other

Fredrik Devoto’s personal trainer kit in Stockholm. In his job, he meets many young people who willing to keep track of weight, but do not think that alcohol may counteract the goal.

A better looking body is the goal of many young clients Fredrik Devoto has had in years. Far from all chasing pounds, but it is relatively common. The clients will achieve healthy habits. It’s Fredrik Devotos ambition. Therefore, it is about finding the right type and dose of exercise combined with reviewing energy intake in the form of food, drink and other things we eat.

Smiling people doing power fitness exercise at yoga class

Smiling people doing power fitness exercise at yoga class

Alcohol contains calories
Some miss comes to what they eat, says Fredrik Devoto. They are usually aware of what they eat, but do not think that alcohol can become a trap door, he says.

This can manifest itself in that I ask them to fill out a diet diary and so they do not even alcohol, although it actually involves some calories, says Fredrik Devoto.

Alcohol, found in wine, cider, spirits and beer, contain a lot of calories, the energy that does not give the body something of value.

The truth is that it is not possible to lose weight while consuming 2000 calories in the form of alcohol every week.

Think reward can become a barrier
There is a reward culture today, says Fredrik Devoto. You want to indulge in the good life. You train one is well worth a little useless things? This can be difficult for people to reach their fitness and health goals.

You can not achieve fitness goals if you always hold on to indulge in small things, whether in the form of alcohol or food.

Everyday health choices important
In order to find this balance usually Fredrik Devoto talk about What we choose affects health.

I take sugary breakfast cereal or muesli nutritious? I take the elevator or stairs? I set up the training because it is a lot at work, or do I get to the gym anyway?

Alcohol leads many to make the wrong decision, says Fredrik Devoto.

We might eat a little too much when we have been drinking or so we skip a workout.
In his professional encounter Fredrik Devoto on some myths surrounding alcohol and exercise. He often asked if there even is any idea to train the same day as you should on an AW or the day after a party.

The truth is that as long as they are not elite athletes, it is always better to work than not to work out. The exception is if you have a fever or is damaged in any other way.